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Change Your Default Password on Apple Airport Base stations

1. Open your AirPort Admin Utility application (this program was installed from the CD-ROM when you set up the device)

2. Find your network's name and double-click it or press the Configure button on the bottom right of the screen.

3.Here, our network name is Apple Airport Express

4. Enter your password and click OK.

5. The Configure "Apple Airport Express" Base Station should open. Click on the Airport tab at the top.

6. Again, you will see our network name, Apple Airport Express. Yours will be different.

7. Click on Change Password... button.

8. Type in a new password, then confirm it by re-typing it. Click Change.

9. Finally, make sure to hit the update button to save the changes.

Wrong password? Click Here.

To pause, use the controls on the bottom of the video. [about this video]

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