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CSI (Consumer Spyware Initiative)

DELL has teamed up with GetNetWise to launch the CSI public awareness campaign to help Internet users get-net-wise about spyware threats and prevention.


Tips from the FTC

The Federal Trade Commission urges all computer users to take steps to keep your computer secure.

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Spyware Tools

There are many tools that will help you rid your computer of spyware or annoyware. You should know that each of the tool providers might define spyware differently. You, the user, should be able to decide for yourself what you find annoying and want to uninstall or disable. You'll also find tools here that block pop-up windows that can result from spyware. Just keep in mind that these tools may also block pop-up ads from legitimate Web sites that you visit.

Many major Internet Service Providers and computer manufacturers recommend spyware removal tools to their customers. Below are some spyware removal products that your ISP or computer manufacturer offers.

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Video Tutorials

AOL Users
AOL Spyware Protection
Activating Earthlink Spyware Blocker
Yahoo! Users
Yahoo! Toolbar

Other Tools

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