WSI (Wireless Security Initiative)

GetNetWise launched the WSI public awareness campaign to help Internet users get-net-wise about wireless threats and precautions they should take.

Wireless Security


  • Ari Schwartz on "Spyware Symptoms" Real
  • Ari Schwartz on "Removing Spyware" Real
  • Anne Collier on "the Risks of File-sharing" Real Hi | Low

CSI (Consumer Spyware Initiative)

DELL has teamed up with GetNetWise to launch the CSI public awareness campaign to help Internet users get-net-wise about spyware threats and prevention.


Tips from the FTC

The Federal Trade Commission urges all computer users to take steps to keep your computer secure.

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Information about the latest issues and concerns facing Internet users.

TipsSocial Networking

Social networking sites are the latest craze for teens and young adults. These social networking sites give children the opportunity to share stories, pictures, videos, and other files with friends and acquaintances. There are certainly safety concerns that parents and children should discuss -- related to the posting of inappropriate content, personal information, and contact with friends they make online. This GetNetWise Spotlight on Social Networking features helpful video tutorials on how to use the privacy settings of some social networking sites to restrict who can access and post on your child's website, or limit the information they share with others. Learn More About Social Networking.

TipsSearch Safely

Turn on filtering in your family's favorite online search engine. Search filtering will minimize the chance that an innocent search may inadvertently return something sexually explicit. You can change the settings in most top search engines to filter search results and it is easy to do. Use the spep-by-step video instructions on how to activate the filtering feature. Learn More About Searching Safely.

TipsWireless Security

Consumers are striving to enhance their productivity in both their personal and professional lives. More and more they are turning to wireless technology for daily use in or outside of the home or office. Wireless devices provide mobility for wireless enabled devices such as laptops, smartphones, and PDAs. The GetNetWise Spotlight on Wireless Security will address issues surrounding mobile security, wireless home networking and public Wi-Fi use. Learn More About Wireless Security.


More and more computer users are finding unwanted programs operating on their machines that perform all sorts of annoying functions. These programs often display unwanted ads, change users' browsers' default home pages, add programs to the system tray and, in some cases, collect personal information. These programs are installed without meaningful consent and are almost always very difficult to uninstall or disable. Learn More About Spyware.

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